Saturday, August 20, 2011

The August Non Pro Comedy Show

Sunday, August 28, 2011, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Tobacco Road, New York, NY

It's August and it is Hot. Really Hot. Slave hot. Apartheid hot. What do those things mean? I do not know. As blistering as it is however, the Non-Productive Comedy Show will be hotter than a London car fire, believe it! Yes cats and kittens, the rebirth of cool movement is going strong, are you jumping on-board yet?
Hosted by comedian John Minus and blogger N'Jaila Rhee, and backed by the comedy network, the retro comedy show with sex appeal will be at its explosive best this month. The formula is simple: take two terrifically sexy hosts, add 8 of the best looking and most hilarious comedians in New York City, sprinkle liberally with Pinup girls who may be enticed into disrobing at any given time, and give away some free stuff, including a bottle of Nude Vodka. We have it down to a science here, the science of putting on a great show!

The Show will be taking place at Tobacco Road, 355 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036. General Admission is $5, but there are buy one get one free tickets available for those who order them in advance on EventBrite: Street Parking is free in Hoboken, Jersey City, and New York City. Tobacco Road is easily accessible by both the PATH trains and any Subway that goes to Times Square (which is only one stop uptown from Penn Station).

Non-Productive Comedy Show comedians have always been top notch, and this month is no exception. We have:

Jessica Delfino – A multi-talented singer, songwriter, and comedienne based in New York City, her songs (dubbed Dirty Folk Rock) tend to ridicule taboos and include jokes about vaginae, weird sexual topics, and other fun stuff. In her act, she plays an assortment of instruments including guitar, flying V ukulele and a rape whistle. Find her antics at and follow her

Derik Boik – According to his website, “Derik began performing stand up in 2004 after winning a comedy contest at the Gypsy Comedy Club in St. Augustine, Florida.” He started out winning! He will have the home field advantage as he hosts a weekly open mic at Tobacco Road on Wednesday night. He is also a terrible racist. Meaning he is terrible at racism. You can follow him at

Rashad Bashir – Barely wet behind the ears comedy-wise, Rashad has taken the city by storm, even finagling his way onto the NPCS once before. He greatly impressed the audience with his geek-influenced comedy, and will be the first person to ever be on the show twice!

Helen Hong – From her website,, “Helen Hong is a comedian, TV host, matchmaker, and star of Logo Channel’s reality dating series 'Setup Squad.' Helen’s adorable stage presence and mischievous point of view have landed her on The Huffington Post’s Favorite Female Comedians list and a profile in The New York Times.” Relentlessly funny and not afraid to get her material dirty, Helen will make you an instant fan. Follow her on twitter at

Brandon Collins – Brandon is great at making GRITS but he has no problem cooking on his own either. A member of the groundbreaking sketch group “GRITS Comedy,” he also does his own brand of intelligent and incisive stand up comedy. Brandon has already appeared on the NPCS as part of GRITS and tore the house down, look for him to do the same in this show. See some of his great performances at

Adam Cozens – Another comedian who made his way onto a previous NPCS unexpectedly, Adam made such a great showing we had to have him back for a full set. Prolific and insightful, you can see much of his work and material at Go to his site, really, we are not kidding about the prolific part, and all of it is funny! You can follow him at

Sharron Paul – There is very little that Sharron doesn't do when it comes to comedy. She hosts and produces comedy shows, and is a very talented and impactful stand-up comedian as well. That is another way of saying she is funny as heck. She prides herself on her realness, and this is what she will be bringing to the NPCS. Check out her comedy on, and

Jay Welch – Jay sometimes tells jokes where even he only marginally knows what he is referencing, but still you will laugh all the same. Marvel at his beard while he comically works you over with jokes that you thought you weren't smart enough to get. An every-man’s comic, Jay connects with all types of audiences and leaves them tears. You can't actually say you've seen comedy in New York City until you've seen Jay, and here is your chance.


John Minus – John is willing to do anything and everything to be entertaining, up to and including hosting a comedy show in drag and dropping his pants at a moment's notice. He doesn't need to do those things, he just likes to. Originally a writer, John has recently branched out into hosting his own podcast called the Alter Negro Sho on, and producing and hosting the Non Productive Comedy Show. He writes everything from editorial blogs to fiction of every sort (from action to comedy to erotica), all of which can be found on his blog John can be contacted at (908) 812-8612 or at

N'Jaila Rhee – She is the author of, where she interviews interesting and hot (in all senses of the word) people in the adult industry. She also writes comprehensive adult toy reviews, humor articles, Geek-interest posts, and original erotica stories. We still are not sure how she got into comedy, but she is also the co-host of the Alter Negro Sho with John Minus.

The Non-Productive Comedy Show is an Exit Eleven ( and Non-Productive Network ( production. Lineup subject to change without notice.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Non Pro Comedy Show


Our Next Non-Productive Comedy Show is Full of Pride!

The Non-Pro Comedy Show, now in its third month, features the finest comedians NY and NJ have to offer. Unlike your typical comedy show, this performance channels the classic ambiance of 50’s and 60’s era comedy clubs. In honor of Pride Month, our show will feature an homage to one of the greatest gay entertainment traditions.

(New York City, NY) - The Non Productive Comedy Show - the biggest, hippest, flashiest comedy show in New York City, will be dazzling the Midtown crowd once again on July 26th, 2011 at Tobacco Road, 355 West 41st St in NYC. Showtime is 7PM, admission is $5.

The amazingly talented cast of this month's NPCS includes:

Gordon Baker-Bone (Winner 2011 NJ Comedy Fest, Co-Writer of the webseries "Hater-Bot")
Molly Austin (The Peoples Improv Theater, Writer, Star of the musical comedy, "Girls On The Side")
Mike Brown (Prolific Comedian and Writer)
Sassi Keegan (MTV, Adult Swim, and Host of SEVERAL comedy events in and around NYC)
Mike Lawrence (John Oliver's New York Stand Up, Nerd of Mouth Podcast)
Esther Ku (Finalist in NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 6, Finalist in the Hottest Funniest Chick Contest on Sirius Satellite Radio)
Vicky Kuperman (Nationally touring Comedian, regularly seen at large venues in NYC such as Gotham and Broadway Comedy Clubs)
GRITS Sketch Comedy (Hot and Tasty Sketch Comedy team)

For more info about the comics and video links, Click Here.

Vintage pinups and fans of great comedy alike will be fully satisfied by the NPCS. This is different from a normal comedy show in that we have more glitz, glamor, and most importantly, sex appeal than you'd find at a regular comedy show.

About Exit Eleven:
Exit Eleven Productions encompasses all of the creative endeavors of John Minus, as well as producing the projects of other talented young people, especially people of color. We also specialize in supporting and unifying artists from New Jersey. John writes, hosts a podcast, the Alter-Negro Sho, and performs stand-up comedy all over the tri-state area.

John Minus, Executive Producer
Exit Eleven Productions

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upcoming Shows for the Alter Negro

Hey boys and girls, I have 3 shows this month so far, and it would be awesome for you if you came to them ;)

The closest is Comedy Night on the Lake in Milltown NJ this June 4th, 2011. Here's the Comedy Night Event page on FB

I need at least 4 people to come to enter the competition, but the more people I have the better my chances to win! Audience Favorite wins CA$H PRIZE! And FEATURED SPOT at the next “Comedy Night”. $10 cover, 2 item minimum. If I win I will be donating all of the prize money to The Valerie Fund a charity for children with Cancer and Blood disorders. To find out more about where the money will go, click here.

My next show is at Broadway Comedy Club, and is a really important audition show. The winner of this show gets a regular spot at BCC for the whole Summer, and PAID comedy gigs. I need at least 7 people to come to enter the contest, so go to this site to see my beautiful face and purchase tickets: John Minus Page for Best Young Comedian Contest

Last but not least is this months Non Pro Comedy Show, which will be the best one yet! More details on that to come.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Flier

Hears the flier for the Non Pro Comedy Show, share with your friends! Like an STD!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Upcoming Shows

I have two shows left this month:

GRITS Sunday Dinnahs: FREE Stand-Up Show!!!
Sunday, April 17 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm
380 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10016
(212) 779-1380

Non Pro Comedy Show
Sunday, April 24 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Port 41
355 West 41st Street
New York, NY

about the NPCS:

Have you ever wondered what happened to Cool?

What happened to that kind of coolness that didn't have to be announced, that didn't have to be yelled at the top on your lungs? Whatever happened to that kind of cool that made itself known by its very presence? Where has that unmistakable aura that makes others gravitate to a person gone? It seems that the world lost that kind of cool and replaced it with bluster and bravado. This new “swagger” seems to have replaced everything it ostensibly is supposed to stand for. The Squares have taken over the world, and all the rest of us are worse off for it.

But worry not Cats and Kittens, for I have found Cool, and I married it to Funny, and their child is the Non Productive Comedy Show. Whether you're a Big Daddy (seasoned vet) or an Ankle-Biter (just turned 21) this is the show for you. We are going to have some of the Funniest, Slickest, most With-It comics around, coupled with the most Boss Babes I could find. Oh yeah, there will be all sorts of eye candy as both the Comedians and the Show Gals will be dressed to the nines. And if you dig Guys better than Gals, there will also be some fine Daddy-O's completely chrome-plated (dressed up) for your perusal. No matter what you like, you're gonna flip when you see what we have put together!

The crew for this gig is top-notch, including pro comics such as Abbi Crutchfield, Gordon Baker-Bone, Subha Agarwhal, Kevin J. Williams, Kate Hendricks, Nimesh Patel, and more!

Now as for you, if you want to attend this magnificent event dressed like a Clyde, well that's your bag baby. But all the people in the know will be sporting their finest duds, whether it be sport coats and ties for the gentlemen, or swing dresses and heels for the ladies. The more into the mood the audience is, the more authentic the entire experience will be. There will be Martinis and Tom Collins available at the bar, just to lubricate the ol' funny bone. This will be an experience unlike any other, where you can escape dullsville and enter a world where cool isn't forgotten, it permeates every laugh, every drink, and every set of gams. Now I know at this point you're pretty fired up about all this, so here are the details:

The Non Pro Comedy Show is a Exit Eleven Production. It will be taking place at Port 41, 355 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036. Admission is $10.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011