Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fuck Curt Schilling

  1. Curt Schilling is a person I dislike because he's a revered member of the Red Sox, he's generally a douche to people, he loves Boston, he LIED TO CONGRESS, then threw Barry Bonds under the bus for doing the exact same shit he did...
  2. That is irrelevant to the fact that social media harassment is wrong, and he is absolutely right and justified to take whatever steps are in his power to rectify the situation. I have no problem with that or him protecting his family
  3. That being said, what I do have a problem with, way more so than Schilling himself, is the reaction of the media, especially the sports media to this event. Their sudden shock and outrage to something that has been happening to the rest of us further shows what kind of bubbles people live in in this world. No one gets more threats of violence online than women, as a group, regardless of race. The women targeted by GamerGate folks have gotten little to no protection from the people threatening them, further proving that the only people who can really get something done in this world are rich White men
  4. There is no greater sign of White privilege than shock that people can be fucking horrible to you for no real reason, because it literally happens to the rest of us all the goddamned time
  5. The reactions of White sports reporters is priceless “who are these people, where do they come from?” Uh they fuckin come from you; middle and upper class white males. They are your kids. It's safe to say they're mostly white kids because internet trolls are as racist as they are misogynist. They hate “diversity”
  6. Long story short, the only reason this was even a story was because of who it happened to. It's just another reminder that rich White men can lie to congress, get away with it, take PED's get away with it, and get justice for those they care about when no one else could. They couldn't find Darren Wilson for months but this guy finds people off of Twitter when Twitter won't even protect people from online harassment? Yeah, fuck Schilling. But I hope his daughter is OK.