Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Unbearable Triteness of Beings

Let me start off by saying this.

I. Hate. Pink.

I always have. I don’t think there is anything good about her or what she does. Most of my distaste for her comes from the fact that she is just too damn ugly to be famous. I mean, I know plenty of attractive girls who deserve to be famous way more than Pink does. She’s just awful in the facial area. She looks as if a blind impressionist sculpted her visage. I disapprove of her and most of the things that come out of her mouth. Many of her “songs” seem to consist of yelling and pandering to tired fake-feminist themes that are guaranteed to sell because hey, who doesn’t like being angry and yelling about being spurned by stupid ex-boyfriends huh? Really, she’s the worst kind of garbage because she has absolutely no basis for having a justifiable opinion on anything, yet she feels the need to share her ill-informed and irrational opinions with everyone in the fucking world. Literally, she is a global cancer in this sense, harassing people in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Her most passionate cause is animal rights, but unlike most animal rights activists she actually does other charity work for humans, and for this I must give her at least a little credit. She hasn’t abandoned her (presumed) race for another species, even though she obviously shares more DNA with a canid or, say, an orangutan than another Human Being.

One of the reasons that this chick gets to me so much, is that she likes to lay into people that I like, namely Beyonce and Kanye West. She had a thing against Kanye previous to the events of last weekend because he wears fur. Well guess what you half-chick, Cam’ron wears fur too, why don’t you go after him huh? Call him a piece of shit? Oh I know why, because Cam’ron and Dip Set will actually have her ass kidnapped in a basement in Harlem, never to be seen again. The point of the matter being that Pink only goes after “soft targets” like Beyonce and Prince William. Kanye, for all of his ego, is not and never has been a thug type of guy. He’s just not the beef-type who responds to perceived slights through diss-records and carries out vendettas through the media, no matter what people say about him. As jackass-ish as what he did was, you cannot say that he has ever made a personal attack against Taylor Swift or anyone, save maybe for George Bush, who really deserved it. The evidence is clear; for all of the many and varied insults she has hurled at him, he has said nothing in return. For what it’s worth, neither has Beyonce. I suspect though that Beyonce could care less about Pink, seeing as how B far outclasses Pink in virtually any and every category of measurable success one could think of.

I admit freely that I am biased towards Kanye, in fact I have stated many times that I am his biggest fan, in much the same way that “Stan” was Eminem’s biggest fan From an objective point of view however, the reaction to this event is all wrong. For one thing, Kanye interrupted someone else’s speech, did not insult her, and just said that B should have one. Now, upon further examination, it is no secret that Kanye looks up to Jay-Z like his big brother, so by extension it would make sense that he sees Beyonce as a big sister or at the very least sister in law. Who among you wouldn’t stand up and make a fuss if you felt that your beloved sister had been cheated? Wouldn’t you do it, especially if you were drunk and already prone to speaking your mind… no matter if it is appropriate or not… in any and all situations?
Secondly, and I won’t talk about this too much, but the man’s mother died 2 years ago, and let’s just say that it is still effecting him. Kanye was not exactly the most emotionally stable guy beforehand, and to lose such a central figure in his life, in fact, the central figure in his life so suddenly and unexpectedly sent him into a tailspin that he never has adequately dealt with. He admitted what I already knew, that he didn’t take any time off from working to adequately grieve, and all of that pain is going to come out somewhere at sometime. Believe me; I know this much is true.

Lastly, NONE OF THIS is as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. It seems to have sparked a national debate about whether manners are dead and about how Kanye is the rudest man ever. This of, course, is racist. I know people will say that I‘m full of it, but do you honestly think this would have gotten the same coverage if Kanye had done it to Ciara at the BET awards? Would you even have heard of it? You and I both know that the answer to that is no. I’m not entirely sure who Taylor Swift is or what she does, but I know what she looks like, and based on the fact that she is 17, and Beyonce is, well, B, I’m pretty sure that she has no business winning an award over B. That being said, she did win, and it is not the first time, nor will it be the last time some blond-eyed blue-haired girl wins an award over someone darker and more deserving.

What really burns me bout all of this is the public outrage. Much like the Michael Vick situation, people are showing much more anger and venom here than they do when actual human lives are threatened. I will never forget what happened in New Orleans, to me, it is just as horrible as 9/11, and that is why I consider Bush and his administration to be just as bad as those terrorists. They are just as responsible for the loss of several thousand American lives as Al Quaeda is. But I digress… the outrage over Katrina seemed muted and, let’s say, relegated to specific portions of the populace. The outrage over one entertainer embarrassing another has been far more vitriolic and incendiary. Once again, our priorities as a nation seem to be horribly skewed, and that is what makes me so angry. It seems like the most ignorant and ill-informed members of society feel the need to share their opinions in public forums the most often, which of course is why I started my blog. Pink firmly falls in the category of ignorant, ill-informed, and ugly. Sorry, I just can’t get over how hideous she is for a pop-star. I mean really, who dropped the ball there?


Deborah said...

Rgvhhhhhhh. I hate blogspot, it always eats my comments.

In short - B = classy

B =/= being beat out by (blond haired, blue eyed) T because B won VotY which is definately bigger than BFA.

Exit Eleven said...

Ummm... I agree?

Nyla said...

I mostly agree and semi disagree

I don't think pink is ugly physically, Lady Gaga Fuck yes

Her Nose.

I haven't heard about Cam'ron in fucking ever

Secondly Kanye West Big Star easy target its makes the most sense ... You go after big stars to make a point. Someone whose popular with everybody aka Kanye Beyonce etc..

Do I think everyone making a big deal out of the kanye situation yes b/c hes done shit like that before when he bitches about not winning awards and the whole george bus thing

The mother thing obviously its still affecting him, my grandma even said he got in less trouble before she died.

BTW: the George bush incident I agree that hes probably right but he definitely made that comment at the wrong time and took away attention for what he was there for getting money for hurricane Katrina victims

I don't agree about the Michael Vick situation I don't think anyone involve in any animal cruelty act ever get the time they deserve I'm glad they made example out of him b/c I'm super sad about dogs being euthanize b/c some asshole made them into fighting dogs that can't be fix

nette said...

For what it's worth, the world needs more pop stars who AREN'T cookie-cutter attractive. It gives those of us who are talented and not physical tens hope for humanity.

Just sayin'.

Chris said...

Um. Effect vs. affect. Learn the words. Also, learn commas. Beyotch. Also, I'd fuck Pink over Kanye any day of the week.

BitteRheaRt said...

I agree with Nette. That's what fucks up people's self esteem these days. It doesn't matter if you have talent as long as you can put someone's dick on hard. I'm glad she is not a Beyonce or whoever the fuck else has crap ass music on MTV. There needs to be some less attractive people on the tube.

I mean, who takes what MTV says about music seriously. They show what, 20 pop artists and a few rappers that talk about how rich they are. Does MTV even show music anymore? Who gives a shit what awards they give.

Exit Eleven said...

I do know the difference Taylor, and I chose to use "effecting". I know "affect" I'm a damned psychologist. But thanks for keeping me on my toes anyway...

and 'micka, my whole point is that people are taking all of this way too seriously. It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

"It seems like the most ignorant and ill-informed members of society feel the need to share their opinions in public forums the most often, which of course is why I started my blog."
Good to see you're conforming to the standard. Bravo!