Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All-Star Comedy Showcase with Bob DiBuono

Stand Up|NY
236 W. 78th St
New York, NY

You are invited to the All-Star Comedian Show and Tweet-Up on Wednesday September 15th at 8:00 PM at the STAND UP NY COMEDY CLUB with BOB DIBUONO. The tweet-up will be hosted by me, John Minus.

This show will be one of the best of the year! This show I have designed as a tweet-up, which means that not only will it be a great comedy show, it will also be a chance to meet up with people you've only talked to on Twitter so far. if y...ou want to spread the word use the hashtag #NYComedyTweetUp

Begin making reservations now as they need to be in no later than MONDAY, September 13th. Seating for this show is at 7:15 PM sharp, but we can meet at the club as early as 7PM to start introductions. Admission is $15 per person with a two item minimum inside the showroom. The club reservation number is 212-595-0850

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