Thursday, March 15, 2012

Goodnight Coon: a racist vignette for children

Listening to some Coon tune
There in the old projects
and some grimy-ass goons
and the chatter of...
Trannys in bathrooms putting on their costumes
And there were three dope boys makin all kinds of noise

And Basketball Wives living shame filled lives
And an African louse who beats up on his spouse

And some Henny and Juice and a bowl full of kush
And a ton of used condoms, hidden under a bush

Goodnight Coon Goodnight Coon
Goodnight useless baby-daddy who doesn't wake up til noon

Goodnight ho's you'll be pregnant soon
Goodnight dope boys, Goodnight Noise

Goodnight Jakes in the Taurus, Goodnight Pimp named Horace

Goodnight crackheads cookin rocks on a Spoon

Goodnight louse, goodnight battered spouse

Goodnight Tyler Perry, and goodnight kush

Goodnight used condoms, goodnight bush

And goodnight to Tyrese who can misspell the word “hush”

Goodnight candy-colored cars, goodnight White people they scare

Goodnight Coons everywhere

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