Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Ultimate Truth

There is no reason that most men have trouble with women. Technically, there are so many women, that it shouldn’t be a problem. But it is, it’s a huge problem. The main component of this problem is that 100% of women are chasing the same 10% of the male population. Which means that if there’s ten women in a room, and 10 men in a room, all of those women will be chasing one guy out of the 10. These are not good odds for us.
Many of us tried to win women, with a fairly logical course of action. If we listen to them, we reasoned, and do everything they say then they will like us. And this tactic worked, to a point. Girls liked us, sure. They liked us so much they never, ever had sex with us. Ever. And then there was the horrible side-effect that we had the unfortunate pleasure of listening to women complain about all the assholes who they where having sex with. These were usually men who treated the women like carp, yet the women repeatedly went back to. If not that specific guy, then the girl would date that type of guy over and over and over, whilst repeatedly leaving you blue-balled and pissed-off.
After 10 or 12 years of this one tends to get a little bitter and pissed off. Well, I have finally figured out how so many seemingly decent guys so often are relegated to the "friends-only" aisle of the supermarket.
Apparently, women find nice guys to be boring.

Now, hear me out. Would you want to date someone who was really nice and fairly all right looking, but utterly boring? Well, OK you would. But most women would not. They like nice guys, but they don’t want to date a guy who doesn’t excite them, and it seems that a guy who does whatever they say and constantly aims to please does not excite them. They want some degree of conflict, some sort of drama to keep them interested. Now this does not mean that you have to give a girl an open-handed smack in the mouth to keep her, but threatening to every now and then wouldn’t hurt, as long as it’s all done in jest. When queried on this subject, women will respond that they date lots of nice guys who have great personalities. This shows an inherent misunderstanding of the question. They answered a different question, about dating nice guys in general. There are nice guys who have good personalities. They may not in fact be nice guys, but jerks who are able to put on a happy face, before they kick an old lady down a flight of stairs. And, secretly, women love that dichotomy.
Women love contradictions. They’re famous for wanting their cake and eating it too. The woman’s perfect man is a Pulitzer Prize winning heavyweight boxing champ with A Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and who can run a 4.2 sec 40. So it’s not surprising that so many of us become so confused by their behavior. Women will claim they want a "nice guy" but often date jerks. Repeatedly. They may not stay with said jerk for long, but they will repeatedly date that jerk, or others just like him, until they eventually figure out that punches are not a way people show affection. It’s not really their fault. I believe that the majority of women under 25 just really do not know what they want, or in other cases they do not know how to recognize what they want. So they date guys who are quite obviously jerks to the rest of us, but who they think are Mr. Right.
As the best friend, we always tell the girl that the guy is a jerk, but therein lies another problem with women. When they ask you for advice they do not actually want advice. They want you to listen to them bitch about their problem, then agree with whatever conclusion they come to on their own anyway. They do not want your input. So no matter how much you tell a woman that something is a bad idea, the chances are great that they’ll do it BECAUSE everyone says its a bad idea. Obviously every woman isn’t like this, but the majority are. I know a lot of girls who are smarter than this, but they still have made their slip-ups. So in essence, what you have to do is watch what a woman does, and not what they say, because what they say is not what they really are after. Watch a woman’s habits and that is the real her. Now you may find out that you cannot approximate what it is said woman is after, but at least you won’t waste a lot of time listening to her stupid problems and not getting the least bit of action from it.

In the end, that is the stupidest thing of all.

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